Other than reading, traveling is another hobby of mine. When I’m on the go I have a finite amount of space in my bag, so depending on how good the book is I either pack a hard copy, load it onto my e-reader, or leave it at home:

🌴  Island collection

I love this book and it would be one of the items I hope I’m stranded with on a deserted island. Even though it would take up room in my travel bag, I would throw out my toothbrush and deodorant in a heartbeat to pack a physical copy.

Well-developed plot, interesting characters with lots of depth and development throughout the book, engaging writing style and tone, it’s hard to put down, I can see myself reading this again and again, and I’m hooked on a new author/genre/series.

✈  Travel companion

I wouldn’t waste precious suitcase space by bringing the actual book with me, but I’d load it onto my Kindle so I could read it on the go.

Plot is somewhat under-developed, characters occasionally suffer from weak dialogue or false action, good writing with minor inconsistencies, it’s mildly addictive, I’m not likely to read it again, but I’m interested in the author/genre/series.

🏡  Left behind

This book isn’t exciting enough to take anywhere. Even if I have an e-reader with plenty of room, it’s not worth it and I wouldn’t miss it.

Plot is hard to follow and uninteresting, characters are unrealistic and forgettable, poorly written and not at all fluid, it’s likely I won’t even finish it, and I want to stay as far away from the author/genre/series as I can.