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January 2017

Whaddya mean it’s the “last” Jedi?

The title of the second movie in the new Star Wars trilogy was released earlier today. Say hello to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Speculating about what’s to come in the Skywalker saga has been one of my favorite hobbies ever since they made the sequel trilogy announcement. So I’m gonna break down my initial thoughts on the new title, and the implications for Episode VIII.

“The Last Jedi” sounds really, really cheesy. I felt the same way about “The Force Awakens”, though that eventually grew on me (but, as my brother points out, that might be because it’s Star Wars and I’m going to learn to live with it because I love it). Compared to TFA and TLJ, “A New Hope”, “Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi” just sound so much cooler.

Apart from sounding lame, it also sounds too final. The LAST Jedi? Um, excuse me, but didn’t one just return two episodes ago?? We go from Jedi being mostly gone (IV) to them kicking butt (V, VI), to them being mostly gone again (VII), and now they’re definitely gone (VIII)? It’s emotional whiplash and I don’t care much for it.

But…what if “last” doesn’t mean “final” or “the end”, but rather “the ones remaining”? In that sense the title could be calling attention to the group of students Luke was training before whatever happened between him and Kylo Ren, er, happened. So then, one can infer that all is not lost, there’s a group of Jedi out there that can still fight against the Empire.

Taking that theory one step further, Episode VIII could be about Rey and Luke teaming up to go find the rest of his students.

Remember, you heard that theory here first, folks! And s/o to my brother for discussing geeky things with me!

What do you guys think about the new title?

What more screen adaptations should look like

Netflix unveiled one of its most anticipated shows, A Series of Unfortunate Events, on Friday, January 13 (hah, get it?). If you haven’t yet binged Season 1, I implore you: do it now.

Why, you ask?

  1. The casting is fantastic. Not only is it relatively diverse, but the character I was the most worried about (Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf) does an incredible job. And needless to say, the kids to a wonderful job bringing Violet, Klaus, and Sunny to life.
  2. The pacing is good. Season 1 has a total of eight episodes, two each for books 1-4. This gives the story time to unfold, which is usually one of my biggest critiques when it comes to movie adaptations of books.
  3. The tone is just right. Sombre colors and gloomy settings make up most of the season, which is exactly what one would expect. The cinematography, sets, and music kind of reminded me of a Wes Anderson film, which I love, so that was a plus for me.

Does it deviate from the books? Yes, but if my memory serves me, only a little. Have you seen it? Do you want to?

A coffee and a giant

Making my way through book #2

Finished reading my first book of the year!

Rating: 🌴 Island collection



2017 is the year I read harder

It’s almost been a week in the new year and I’m itching to get started on a new reading challenge (I’ll need all the time I can get). The most difficult part in actually picking a challenge is that I have several goals I want to accomplish and I don’t want to leave any out.

First, I noticed from my reading list last year that the books I chose lacked a very specific voice: that of people of color (POC). I promised myself that in the future I would be more mindful of who I read.

Second, which sort of goes hand-in-hand with the first, most of the authors I read came from the U.S. or the U.K. This also needs to change.

And lastly, I suffer from tsundoku, which is the Japanese word for “new books that pile up on my shelf” (who do I need to talk to in order to get that word into the English language??), meaning I need some incentive to read the books I own quicker than I normally would.

That being said, POPSUGAR’s 2017 reading challenge list allows me to meet those three goals. It’s the same source as my 2016 reading challenge, which I really enjoyed because of its flexibility. I do feel a little guilty falling back on something I’ve already done instead of trying something new, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it??

Have you figured out what you’re reading this year?

Hello 2017!

I’m not usually one for making new years resolutions, but having been inspired by various events in 2016 I want to set down some personal goals or standards to live by for the upcoming year.

A new reading challenge is one of them (but of course!). Last year I read a total of 42 books, which is probably the most I’ve read in a single year. I had a lot of fun exploring and expanding my library and will definitely be continuing this tradition in 2017.

I haven’t yet decided what kind of reading challenge I want to do, but have some initial ideas:

  • Reading books written by and/or featuring women of color
  • Reading books written by authors from different countries around the world
  • Reading all the books I own

Have any suggestions for me? Do you have any reading-related goals for 2017? Share them!



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