I start school in less than two months, which is both exciting and terrifying, and in preparation for all the note-taking and studying I’ll be doing I’ve been brainstorming ways I can plan and organize my time.

In undergrad my favorite back to school item was my planner, so I started doing some research and came across the Bullet Journal. It’s a simple system designed to help you better manage your time and focus on important tasks and events.

bullet journal

So far I’ve drawn a 2016 calendar and will be working on August and September calendars next. It’s nice because things don’t have to be in a certain order, and the system encourages you to use the next available page no matter what you’re writing (whether it’s a list, notes, etc).

bullet journal 2

I don’t have much to organize right now, but I’m pretty sure that’ll change in another month or so. Have any of you tried it out? What do you think?