When I was in college I used to think that the coolest part of graduating and getting a job would be that I finally had weeknights and weekends to myself. No more homework, no more study groups, and no more exams; just me and my books getting cozy after a productive day of helping people and making bank.

After three months at my post-grad job, I realized that when I came home all I really wanted to do was eat, shower, and sleep. Sometimes I would catch a show or a movie on Netflix (while I cooked and cleaned of course…if college taught me anything it was how to be a bomb multi-tasker) but rarely did I feel the urge to pick up a book. For someone who used to squeeze in a chapter or two any way that she could–walking from one class to the next, waiting at the crosswalk for the light to change, standing in line at the supermarket–the feeling of not wanting to read made me uneasy.

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